Programme Board practice day 9 November: review and presentations 

The third and final 2023 Practice Day, organised by the Regional Labour Market Programme Council, took place on Thursday 9 November. The theme of the day was ‘together for the customer’. Professionals in employer and employee services gathered at the Woonindustrie in Nieuwegein for a day full of meetings and inspiration.

The day started plenary with a welcome from Tanja Willemsen, programme manager of the Programme Council. Then the floor was given to Nadia van den Heuvel, a social entrepreneur with a good story. She is the owner of Ictoria, a media design company where people with disabilities can develop. And of Xtoria, a company that helps people with disabilities find a suitable workplace. At the Practice Day, she explained, from her wheelchair, how these two organisations ‘create superheroes’.

Praktijkdag Programmaraad van 9 november: terugblik en presentaties

Inspiration sessions and conversation SZW

After the plenary part, 21 inspiration sessions took place in 3 different rounds. In these, different organisations shared interesting cases, stories, collaborations and practical examples around the theme. For example, Ergon and UWV told about their project ‘Baan zoekt Mens’, WerkSaam Westfriesland shared all about the app Perfect Matchend Werk and KIT talked about the importance of inclusive technology. All presentations from the 21 sessions can be found on the Programme Council website.

The day concluded with a discussion with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW). This focused on important developments in the sector. SWZ, for instance, talked about the reform of the labour market structure; the coming period will focus on strengthening cooperation in the labour market regions. Updates were also given on the Participation Act in Balance, practical learning, the Month of 1000 Examples and much more.

Practice days 2024

This was the last practice day of 2023. The Programme Council will again organise three practice days in 2024, namely on 7 March at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, on 6 June at NBC in Nieuwegein and on 14 November at Postillion in Bunnik.

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Programme Board practice day 9 November: review and presentations 

The third and final 2023 Practice Day, organised by the...


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