Nadia: ‘I’m quite willing to pack gum if you can then find someone toe at them.’

I remember well that when I was 12, I was not eligible to take the Cito test. But that it was considered important to check which work company or day care centre I should end up at with my challenge. I can still hear myself saying to the person who audited me: ‘I’m happy to pack chewing gum if you can find someone to eat it’. (For those who don’t know me: I have incredibly poor motor skills.) The gentleman saw the fun in it, but not yet the potential.

That night, I decided that I would do everything in my power to get into life as independently as possible, storm the job market and do something fundamentally different if given the chance.

Doing that fundamentally different thing happened the day was born. was born out of good intentions and the will to change something. But her knowledge and skills developed over the years.

Moral Dilemma

Where other people read books about Steve Jobs (the one from Apple), I was inspired by Edwin Teljeur after a few years. Yes, the Edwin of MEO, De Oude Keuken, City Deal and now even involved in the Ignite Awards, among others.

When I met Edwin in person recently at ohmygood’s event, I put to him a moral dilemma for me. Which candidate do you include, and which do you exclude if you only have budget for one? Where others would answer “make a choice.” Edwin was the only one who said to me, “Don’t make a choice, but turnover. Then you won’t have to choose.”

Meisje met een missie - & De Oude Keuken

The day we got an agreement from Edwin Teljeur and Marijt Regts (you know: the former jack-of-all-trades of code social enterprises) on the proposal and that we could start working for The Old Kitchen was very special for me. It felt to me as a person, but also as an entrepreneur, like being elected to gym for the first time. They thereby indirectly endorsed that social services are not just good enough, but simply of good quality. And that as a social chain you can also underline your procurement policy socially. You can wait for someone else to solve it for you, but the direction always lies with yourself.

I would like to thank the entire team of De Oude Keuken for this recognition and acknowledgement and fuelling the will to keep growing as people and as a company in the most complete sense of the word.

Are you also looking for a company with which you can (continue to) develop your brandig together? Then is the place to be!

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