Web Development

Has Ictoria built and designed your Web site? Then it is very important that it is technically sound and works satisfactorily. This means that the site must be well maintained. The web developers and web designers work closely together so you don’t have to worry about your site.

What can web developers do for you?

There are several things that the web developers at team Ictoria can do for you:

Creating plugins: One of the things Ictoria’s web developers are involved in is creating plugins. A plugin is something that adds functionality to your website. Think of an animated header, a calendar for appointments or an accessibility plugin that makes your website readable for people who are visually impaired.

Database maintenance: Your website never stands still, something new is regularly added or something is changed in the design. All these developments are in the database. A web developer also deals with maintaining this database for the design, database conversions from old to new versions. Naturally, the database is also updated with new data.

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Web development in a social format

In addition to Corporate Social Responsibility, companies working with Ictoria can also be subject to Social Return on Investment (SROI). This means that public clients such as municipalities and government agencies can insist on this when issuing a tender above €250,000. In this way, they try to encourage contractors to employ people with a distance to the labor market. For your company, this means that a portion of the contract sum (5%) or wage sum (7%) must be deployed in the tendered work.

Are you curious about the possibilities of having your website maintained technically by Ictoria? Then feel free to contact us or request a quote. That way we can see how we can best serve you.


Do you want some good examples of the creative exploits of our web designers? Then take a look at our portfolio.

Webshop - Ictoria.nl


Want to sell directly online? You can! We create a beautiful, clear and fast webshop for you so that your customers can order products or services quickly and easily. Want to know more? Then read more about having your webshop designed here. 

Wordpress beheer - Ictoria.nl

WordPress management

Do you already have a WordPress website and keep having to pay for every little change? Not sure if your website and its mail accounts are secure? Then find out more about WordPress Management here! 

Webhosting - Ictoria.nl


Looking for a fast, stable and mega-secure server for your website so that everyone can reach it? Or would you like a professional e-mail address? Then read more about the possibilities of web hosting at Ictoria here! 

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