Why Ictoria?​

Ictoria is the ideal new social partner in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We work with energetic and enthusiastic employees who are not restricted by their physical or mental challenges. They have an enormous drive to strive for maximum results as people and as professionals. Ictoria specialises in both offline and online graphic design and everything related to online visibility. We create websites and web shops, manage social media and provide online marketing and communication, showing our strength in the combination of graphic design and online media.

Our mission​

Ictoria is involved, authentic and open. We believe in the power of people and in the power of our valuable employees. We deliver high-quality products in the field of graphic design, web design, and communication and marketing support for companies and public institutions. We do this with employees who have a ‘perceived’ labour market disadvantage due to a physical or mental challenge.

Our vision

We have the infinite ambition to create a sustainable and better quality life for our colleagues. We help them on their way, through a tailored approach to securing a workplace and taking on new challenges. In this way they reduce social costs, generate an income with their own knowledge and skills, and participate in an inclusive society; now and in the future.

Impact - Ictoria


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