Part of the Ictoria network

Collaboration is the key to creating lasting change. Together with our partners, we form a powerful network that makes lasting impact, not only on the labor market, but also on the lives of individuals.
By joining forces, we make the world a place where equal opportunities are central and everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams. This is how we build a future where talent and ambition are the only requirements for success.

Stérk Brabant

This is the community for social entrepreneurs, resident initiatives and foundations to connect with each other, put social entrepreneurship on the map and promote social procurement. This initiative is supported by community members, among others, and made possible by Jiska van den Hoek of Zorgbelang Brabant|Zeeland.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise NL is a foundation that works with social entrepreneurs to create a better ecosystem. With their membership program, they support social entrepreneurs and increase their visibility. Together with these entrepreneurs, they are committed to a circular, inclusive economy without poverty.

Maasvallei Netwerk

The Maas Valley Network is a network of entrepreneurs from the region. This network, carried by Erik Wille, is a place where entrepreneurs help each other through open coffees, intervisions and other activities to grow their businesses. Through this local connector, networks are expanded and friendships are made.

Code Sociale Ondernemingen

De Code Sociale Ondernemingen  is based on the foundation of social enterprise: Impact First. Five principles define what the Code stands for. The purpose of the Code is to create trust and recognition. When a company is included in the Register, you join a large network of colleagues with the same goal.

De Normaalste Zaak

The growing network of De Normaalste zaak is building together towards an inclusive labor market. We are pleased that with we can be part of a large group of entrepreneurs who all share the same mission; to grow into an inclusive organization where people with (previously) a distance to the labor market are a full part.


As a socially responsible company, it is always nice to be inspired by other companies that share the same standards and values. Under the motto; “We are together responsible for the employment of people distanced from the labor market. AANtWerk organizes events and workshops to show that social and successful business are perfectly compatible.


Because even procurement can never be social enough, has joined Buysocial. To contribute in this way to social procurement for large companies and governments. Who choose to have an impact policy on their purchasing.

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