Have you always wanted to sell your company’s products or services online? At Ictoria we create a quick, clear and beautiful webshop for you so that your customers can order products or services without any problems. Ictoria’s webshops are user-friendly and guarantee security for both your customers and your company. Already got an online shop? That’s fine! We’re happy to optimise your webshop so that it is safer and more accessible. 

Why have your webshop made by Ictoria? 

Nowadays there are many providers offering you to build a webshop. That’s why we have listed the reasons why you should let us build your webshop below. 

Nowadays there are so many choices to have your website made, but in the end, you can only choose one web designer. Below we’ll explain to you why you should choose us. 

While building the webshop, we ensure a correct link to, for example, iDeal, a stock management system or a connection with your administration. 

If you’ve got an online shop, you’ll want your customers to be able to shop securely. That is why we ensure that your webshop is always secured for your visitors. 

As many users use mobile devices to shop online these days, we ensure that your website not only performs well on a laptop, but also looks good on a tablet or mobile phone. 

We perform weekly updates for your website to optimise and keep track of the functionality and security of your webshop. 

In addition to specialising in the field of webshop creation, Ictoria is your ideal partner for Corporate Social Responsibility. At Ictoria, we not only ensure that our employees are motivated and trained, but we provide employment for people with labour market disadvantages. 

Furthermore, as a company you may have to deal with Social Return on Investment. Public-sector clients can insist on this when issuing a quote of at least €250,000. For your company, this means that part of the contract price (5%) or wage bill (7%) must be deployed on SRI. 

Webshop laten maken - Ictoria.nl

Create your own webshop with Ictoria 

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of having your webshop created by Ictoria? Please contact us or request a quote to see how we can be of service to you. 


Would you like personal advice or are you more curious about the possibilities? Then contact us now or request a quote! 

Wordpress beheer - Ictoria.nl

WordPress management 

Do you already have a WordPress website and keep having to pay for every little change? Not sure if your website and its mail accounts are secure? Then find out more about WordPress Management here! 

SEA - Ictoria.nl


Would you like to start advertising on Google or Bing? Or would you like to optimise them? Our SEA specialist will be happy to create and optimise your adverts for the most efficient SEA possible. Would you like to know more? Read more about the possibilities of SEA here. 

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Would you like to make your company more findable for your target audience on the internet? Through proper monitoring and advice, we ensure a good SEO of your website. Would you like to know more? Read more about the possibilities of SEO here. 

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