Video recording & editing

Producing an effective corporate film starts with asking the right questions. Who do you want to reach and what do you want to achieve? What does your target group want to see and hear? And in what way?

In addition to having a corporate film made, Ictoria also offers other services in the area of video recording and editing. Examples are:

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Why a corporate film?

Making a corporate film is the best way to show your company, but even more so now that Covid-19 is making things a bit harder in our society. Images say more than words and a video gives potential customers and employees a more specific image of your company.

Why a corporate video by Ictoria?

Now that you know what the added value is of having a corporate film made, it is also important to know why you should have a corporate film made by Ictoria:
Video recording & editing -
Ictoria can make a script and scenario in consultation and film the material on location. If visual material is already available, we can edit it into a professional video. Finally, we can also guide you in promoting your new video.

There are several possibilities. The choice of a particular production process is always tailored to your wishes, budget and objectives.

We also take into account on which platform you want to place the video. Videos of 5 to 7 minutes work best on YouTube, but short videos (30 seconds maximum) work better on Instagram. Research has also shown that most videos are viewed without sound on Facebook.
In addition to the fact that Ictoria delivers customised work, we are also the ideal partner for Corporate Social Responsibility. By purchasing services from us, you indirectly increase the chance of finding a job for someone distant from the labour market.


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Grafische vormgeving & Drukwerk -

Graphic Design

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Video opnames & editing -

Video filming & editing

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