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Not clients but partners

At Ictoria, we don’t talk about customers. We prefer to talk about partners. Because they choose to work with Ictoria, we can make much more impact together.

See in our portfolio below which fellow impact makers have gone before you:

De Oude Keuken

De Oude Keuken (“The Old Kitchen”) is a restaurant grand café located in Castricum. The people who are employed here often have labour market disadvantages.  

Ictoria has had the pleasure of supplying several services to De Oude Keuken. Examples include taking care of the website, making new pictures and writing.  

Does your organisation also need new corporate pictures, or something else? Our team is at your service and ready to go! What are you waiting for? 

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At Buiten.thuis.zijn (“Being.home.outdoor”), (young) adults who, for whatever reason, have trouble finding apt connections with society, are supported through the use of power-commitment. All this takes place in an environment full of nature.  

To demonstrate their purpose even better to the outside world, Ictoria was granted the opportunity to create a corporate video for Buiten.thuis.zijn. Corporate videos are a great tool to introduce an organisation, or give information about its services. Our people will be happy to give you more information on this subject. Will we see you soon at Ictoria?

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Pink Camel

At Pink Camel, employees are involved in guiding companies that want to implement change on a systematic-, process-, technological- and human level.

For Pink Camel, our team got to design goodies such as drinking mugs, notebooks and lanyards. We have also created leaflets and a website.

All these materials allow Pink Camel’s customers to get to know the brand.

Would you like our graphic designers to design goodies for your company too? Then get in touch with us!

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Bos de woonprofessionals

Bos de woonprofessionals is located in Boxmeer. You can find everything in the shop in the field of interior decoration, paint, window decoration and much more.

Have you seen the Bos ad in the newspaper? Or have you had the flyer delivered through your letterbox? These were made by Ictoria. If you would also like us to create a beautiful flyer for you, then please contact us via phone or e-mail.

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Studio Indruk

Studio Indruk is run by photographer Linda van Spijk. To do even more justice to Linda’s magnificent photos, created a website for Studio Indruk.

With a professional website, you can provide an insight into your company’s identity and provide potential clients with information.

Would you also like a new website for your company? Then get in touch with our web designers!



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Lunchcafé extra

Lunchcafé Extra in Gennep offers delicious and affordable lunches. Lunchcafé Extra is also the place for small receptions and parties. The café also provides employment opportunities for people with a distance to the labour market.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to create a website for such a great initiative.

Wondering what Ictoria can do for your website? Our web designers are ready for you.