Social Return

As an employer, you can help make society more inclusive! If you do business with the government as a company, you are to fulfil a Social Return on Investment (SROI) to make a contribution.

How do you do that as an employer?

As an employer, you’ve got many options:

  • Hiring people with labour market disadvantages.
  • Offer support for these people’s employment in the long term (such as providing training courses, onboarding or educational programmes).
  • Purchase services from companies which e.g. work to reintegrate people into the labour market. Such as having Ictoria build or manage your website. You may debit the work hours provided as social return.

Why should you choose us?

With Ictoria, you’ve got the social partner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)! We give people with labour disadvantages the chance to develop their unique talents in graphic design, IT, communication or administration and possibly move on to another company (maybe even your company!).

Good for your company:

  • Fulfilling your SROI
  • A well-functioning, secure, findable and beautifully decorated website and/or web shop
  • Professional look with graphic design in print, photography and videos
  • Guidance, advice and insights during marketing campaigns (or outsourcing them entirely)
  • Affordable good quality service

Good for society:

  • Fulfilling your SROI
  • Improving chances of people with labour disadvantages on the labour market
  • Ideal partnership in CSR
  • Placement of skilled and talented employees

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