Want to improve your SEA, but don’t have the expertise? We would love to help you set up and improve your SEA campaigns!

95% of the Dutch population uses Google regularly. So you can reach every target group through this platform. This also means that there are many companies that want to be as visible as possible for this target group. This can be done organically (SEO) or paid (SEA). The competition is high and that is why it is important to have your SEO and SEA in order. So be ahead of your competition now and do something about your SEA! 

What is SEA? 

SEA, or Search Engine Advertising, is improving the paid results in Google. In Google’s search results, a distinction is made between paid and organic results. At the very top of the page are the paid results. These are the first results that users see when they search for a keyword in Google. The disadvantage here is that you need to pay for these spots. This differs per keyword and how many competitors want to advertise on this keyword. Besides offering a high price, a good advertisement is much more important. 

An advertisement that fits well with your target group and Google’s conditions ensures that your advertisement performs better. A good performance can be understood in different ways. This depends entirely on the goal of your campaign. For example: if you want your SEA campaign to generate more customers for the keyword “website creation”, it is important that your advertisement is conversion-oriented. 


Why should you choose us? 

With Ictoria you have the ideal social partner of Corporate Social Responsibility. Through personal guidance and clear insights, we ensure that we are the ideal partner for you. This also allows us to ensure that we take the right approach to your SEA. 

In addition to Corporate Social Responsibility, as a company you can also deal with Social Return on Investment (SROI). This means that public commissioning authorities such as municipalities and government bodies can insist on this when awarding a quote above €250,000. In this way, they try to encourage contractors to employ people with a labour market disadvantage. For your company, this means that part of the contract price (5%) or wage bill (7%) must be used in the quoted work. 

What can we offer you?

When you use advertising within a search engine, you naturally want value for money. You want to run ads as efficiently as possible and get the most out of them. Within our SEA offer, we make a distinction between companies who have never had to deal with SEA and companies who have. 

SEA beginner's package 

An SEA beginner’s package is meant for companies that don’t run campaigns yet. With an SEA beginner’s package, we take care of the right start of your search engine advertising. Beforehand, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the goal of your campaign. Next, we’ll look at which keywords can make these campaigns successful. Next comes the implementation work; we’ll set up your first campaigns and monitor them for the first month. This gives you the perfect start of your very first SEA campaigns. 

Monthly SEA

Through constant monitoring, you’ll ensure that your adverts can be optimised so that you reach as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost. This is not a one-off performance, but something you’ll need to keep track of. With monthly SEA, we’ll ensure that your adverts are constantly adjusted and optimised for your objectives. Every month, we’ll show you in a report exactly what we’ve done and what the improvements are. You are not tied to anything, and you can opt out at any time, so you run little risk. 

Start your SEA now and contact us or request a quote for the possibilities for your website! 

SEA beginner's package 

Monthly SEA options


Would you like personal advice or are you more curious about the possibilities? Then contact us now or request a quote!



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