Do you already have a corporate identity and want to apply it in all your communications? Then DTP is the solution. DTP stands for desktop publishing and is, in short, the preparation of all your printed matter and digital design based on the current house style. Think of: social media frames, flyers, leaflets/brochures, magazines, infographics, e-books, postcards, posters, business cards.

Ictoria’s graphic team knows how important it is to create cohesion by translating your corporate identity. Thanks to our designers’ experience in corporate identity development, our experts can apply your corporate identity to the best results.

What can you expect from Ictoria's DTP designers?

  • Providing an appropriate design  
  • Correct formats  
  • Print-ready design  
  • Friendly service  
  • Good advice  
DTP - Ictoria.nl

How do we create your content?

If you are interested in one of our products, the first thing we ask for is your input and your existing house style. After all, you know what you want and what we can use. Based on your preferences for colours, dimensions and images, our designer will get to work. Don’t have a house style yet? Or could it use an update? We can do this for you too.   

Once the design is ready, we deliver a number of concepts for you to choose from. After your feedback, the design is adjusted and a final design is created. If necessary, this will go to the printer and within a few working days you will have a beautiful new product in your home.  

What can we create for you?

  • Social media content: the team at Ictoria is able to translate your corporate identity into suitable frames for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Take a look at our own social media.   
  • Flyers: a flyer is excellent for providing your target group with more information in an approachable way.   
  • Leaflets/brochures: just like a flyer, a leaflet or brochure is a good way to introduce future customers to your company. We made several of these for TNS Belgium.  
  • Magazines: an (online) magazine is a good medium to tell elaborate stories and really acquaint the target group with the background of your organisation. We took care of this magazine for the LIC of Avans University of Applied Sciences. This included texts, layout, and even presenting a podcast.   
  • Infographics: explain the essence of something in a short and powerful way? Then an infographic is the perfect medium!   
  • Postcards: we all know the standard postcard from holidays. But how nice it is to be able to send a personalised card around: at Ictoria, it’s all possible.  
  • Posters: Designing a good poster is not that easy. So get it done by one of the members of team Ictoria so you can be sure it will be done right.   
  • Business cards: the quickest way to leave your contact details is with a business card. Team Ictoria’s designers will design one that fits your house style.   

Would you like to have something else designed but it is not listed here? Then contact us without obligation and we will look at the possibilities together. Would you like to see the various sub-choices and prices? Then request a quote! 

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