Nadia speaker at programme council practice day 

“As public professionals, you are the cornerstone of our society. Because you not only keep the economy going but are also creators of job happiness on 2 sides, job seeker and employer.” With these words, social entrepreneur Nadia van den Heuvel – herself “fanspastisch” as she calls it – set the tone for an inspiring opening talk at the Practice Day on 9 November 2023. Her message to listeners from labour market regions: if you can touch someone’s competence, you will always get there. 

Nadia is heralded as the ‘leading lady of inclusive employer Ictoria’. The Boxmeer-based multimedia company employs almost exclusively people “with a perceived distance to the labour market”, Nadia says. “I talk about perceived because I believe you can bridge any distance with openness.” She also owns Ictoria-affiliated reintegration company Xtoria, which allows people to take the next step towards employment with another employer. “Actually, we suffer from entrepreneurship schizophrenia,” she says.


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