Would you like your customers to be able to find you more easily and organically on the Internet, but you’ve got no idea how? Our SEO specialist would like to help you out! 

Nowadays, almost everyone searches for a product or service online. This process has grown rapidly in recent times and shows no signs of diminishing any time soon. However, many companies are having trouble being visible to their online target group and have no idea how successful this can be. 49% of consumers (!) base their purchasing decision on search results.  

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the improvement of the organic results of your website. What does that mean exactly? Within the search results of Google there is a distinction between organic and paid results. Paid results are at the top of the page and organic results are underneath. Organic search results make sure that you can be found by your target group. An example of this is that your company is at the top of the organic search results when someone searches for the keywords ‘website creation’. If your potential customers search for these keywords, you’ll naturally want your company to show up in the results as often as possible. 

Google has a lot of rules on how you can improve your position. For example, if your website is slow or not relevant to a keyword, your target audience will not see your website right away. Google hardly divulges any of these rules. By applying special SEO techniques, you can still make your website comply with these rules. This in turn ensures that you will be visible to your target group. By investing a lot of time and specialism in SEO, you simply ensure that your company has an advantage over your competitors online. 


Why would you choose us? 

First of all, Ictoria is the social partner in Corporate Social Responsibility. By working with us, we ensure that you are easier found on the Internet, and at the same time we provide employment for our people with labour market disadvantages. In addition, we distinguish ourselves by personal guidance and advice. Together with you, we look at how we can best deploy SEO for your company! 

Social Return on Investment, or SROI, means that public-sector clients such as municipalities and government agencies want to encourage contractors to employ people with a labour market disadvantage. For your company, this means that part of the contract price (5%) or wage bill (7%) must be used in the contracted work. There are many ways to comply with this, such as using the services of Ictoria. 

What can we offer you? 

Within our SEO offer, we make a distinction between a beginner’s package and monthly SEO. We recommend a beginner’s package if you’ve never used SEO on your website before. 

SEO Beginner Package

With the SEO Beginner’s Pack, we’ll set the best basic settings for your website. This package provides the first step in online marketing and is the perfect basis for the SEO of your website. For the implementation of this package, we’ll discuss with you what the current status is and which goals we are working towards. Then we’ll provide a one-off implementation to ensure that the basis for your SEO is in place. The results are then monitored. If the package is fully implemented, we’ll send you a report of all the results of the SEO beginners’ package and advise you on the next step in your SEO. 

Monthly SEO

SEO is not a matter of a one-off implementation. By constantly monitoring and looking at the possibilities, we can ensure a better SEO. To really make progress with your website, we offer you monthly SEO. After all the basic settings are perfect, the improvement of your position in Google can begin. With monthly SEO, we’ll look together with you in advance what the objectives are and we make a plan of action. Each month, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re doing to achieve these objectives. By constantly looking at the positions and improvements, we can optimise your website SEO-wise. Every month, you’ll get insight into the results and what we’ve done. Moreover, you’re not tied to anything, because the monthly SEO can be cancelled every month by you. 

Start your SEO now and contact us or request a quote! 


Would you like personal advice or are you more curious about the possibilities? Then contact us now or request a quote! 



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