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Every company has something special and you’ll obviously want to promote what makes yours unique. This can be done in different ways, including social media. You can use social media to reach different kinds of target groups. When creating an online strategy, it is important to know your customer. For example, is your target group often active on Facebook or on LinkedIn? 

Why should you be active on social media?

73% of marketeers believe that activities via social media are marketingeffective. In addition, on average, people spend about 3 hours a day on social media. Judging by these figures, it is therefore interesting for any company to start with social media marketing. You can reach your target group through various social platforms. With creative messages, you can eventually create extra customers and brand awareness. 

Social media at Ictoria

As a company, you can outsource your social media to many different agencies. That is why it is important to know exactly what the advantages are of a certain agency. Below are the advantages of social media by Ictoria: 

Social Media -

Together with you, we look at the goals of using social media. We listen carefully to your preferences in terms of messages and apply our experience. This way, you immediately know what you can expect from us and what we can offer you. 

We watch and monitor especially for you when it is wise to post on social media. We initially look at our own experience and adjust it later when more data are available. When we notice that certain days or hours work better, we adjust this immediately and look at the results. 

For each message, we look at how it has performed. When certain messages perform well, we respond to them and ensure maximum results. We do a lot of testing to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t in order to connect as closely as possible with your target group. 

Every month, we compile all the results regarding our activities in the field of social media for you. This report shows you what we have done and what results we have achieved. 

Besides your usual posts on social media, you can also advertise on them. By advertising on social media, you can reach a different target group and possibly gain new customers. Because of our experience, we can place effective advertisements that perfectly match your target group. 


Are you curious about the possibilities of outsourcing social media to Ictoria? Then contact us now or request a quote! 

Email marketing

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Intranet -


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Extranet -


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