How do paid adverts in search engines work?

Improving your SEA can make a big difference. But getting that right can still be quite a difficult job. Fortunately, the team at can help you get started with this. In this blog youll read what SEA is all about, why it can enhance your company‘s reach and what can do for your organisation. Would you like to know more? Then read on!

What does SEA entail exactly  

In this case, SEA does not mean ‘ocean’, but Search Engine Advertising and stands for improving paid results in Google. Google distinguishes between paid and organic results in their search results. You can read more about the latter in our blog on SEO.    

When you search for something in Google, the paid results are at the very top. Your potential customers will see this first. So, to get your page here, you’ve got to pay. How much that will cost you, varies per keyword and the number of companies that want to advertise on this keyword. What is even more important than offering a high price? A good advert, of course! The team can help you with this as well. Curious about the possibilities? Then get in touch with us!  

What can do for your company’s SEA?   

At, we understand that you want value for money the moment you use advertisements within a search engine. The aim is for you to get as much return as possible from the adverts in an efficient way.    

Within’s SEA offer, we distinguish between companies that have never dealt with SEA before and those that already have some experience with it.  

SEA beginner’s package:    

Have you never run a campaign with your company before? Then the SEA beginner’s package is probably the most suitable. With this basic package, our team of web designers will get your organisation’s search engine advertising off to a good start.    

Together with you, we determine the goal of the campaign, then we use keywords to see how effective these campaigns will be. Now it’s time for action. After setting up the first campaign, we will monitor it for a month. Now you have a perfect start to your very first SEA campaigns. Would you like to know more about our SEA beginner’s package? Then click here 

Monthly SEA:    

Besides the SEA beginner’s package, we also work with monthly SEA at The advantage of monthly monitoring of your SEA is that the adverts can be optimised so that you can reach as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost.    

With’s monthly SEA, our employees ensure that your ads are continuously optimised and adapted to your objectives. In a monthly report, we show you what we have done and what has been improved. Would you like to know more about’s monthly SEA? You can read it here.    

Why should you choose  

The team at consists of energetic, enthusiastic employees who will not stop at any challenge. Everyone working at has an enormous drive to deliver the best results.  

As a company, we’ve got an infinite ambition to create a sustainable and better-quality life for our team.  

After reading this blog, would you like to know more about the possibilities regarding SEA at Then get in touch with one of our web designers or request a quote! We can’t wait to work with you to make even more of an impact!  

Would you like to read more of our blogs? Read what colours mean in a corporate identity hereand how to best present your business digitally here.

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