Need a website builder? 3 tips you should look out for!

Would you like to have a website created by a website builder? Then you need to pay attention to several points. After all, your website builder needs to be able to create a website that suits the target audience which lands on your website. For example, are you a website builder? Then your website needs to function well with business content. Or have you got a beauty salon in Boxmeer? Then you should have a website created where potential customers are inclined to buy beauty products. In this blog, we will explain which 3 points you should pay attention to when choosing a website builder. 


1. A website builder with proper security

When you want to have a website created, it is important that it is secure. Not only you can be affected by hackers, but also your customers. Third parties might be able to view data and publish (personal) data. Therefore, pay close attention to whether your website builder actually creates secure websites.  

You can recognise this by the httpS in front of a website and the green lock in your browser bar. In addition, there are other security options for your website, such as using a firewall and antivirus software. The choice of hosting is also crucial here, so that not only your site is secure, but also the server and network on which your site resides. So, when choosing a website builder, it is definitely worth checking this about your potential website builder first.   

2. Good functionality and accessible on multiple devices

Reports show that a large proportion of both potential business and private users view a website via a mobile device first. If you want to choose a website builder, it is therefore important that it works just as well on computers as it does on mobile phones and tablets. Some website builders even prefer mobile when creating a website. This is called ‘mobile first’.  


Therefore, to reach as many potential customers as possible, it is important that the website is easy to use on a mobile phone. So you should always check with your potential website builder whether this is taken into account.  

3. Having regular updates for business websites

As a final point, it is important that your website builder keeps your website technically up-to-date but also regularly updates the site with new content. You can usually do the latter yourself by adding new products or blogs. Some website builders take this more into account than others. There are website builders who create a website that you pay for, and little happens to it afterwards. On the other hand, you can have your website built by a website builder who maintains it properly. The website builder can do this in various ways, including updating your website to keep it up to date.  

Without content and technical updates, your website may experience problems with its functions. The website may then become slower, certain functions may no longer work or your website may even be hacked and no longer usable. This is can be ruled out with a good website builder. Therefore, when picking a website maker, always choose a partner who will keep your website up-to-date, and minimise all risks.  

Website builder Boxmeer: Ictoria

 Now that we’ve given you 3 tips on what to look out for when choosing a website builder, it is time to actually choose one. At Ictoria, we meet these 3 tips to be the ideal website builder for you. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact us, or request a quote right now. 

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