6 tips for how you can use a blog for better communication!

Engaging with your customers digitally is very important these days. This can be done through social media, news releases, newsletters or blogs. A blog is an enthusiastic and informative article on the Internet, which ensures that a blog is often much more enjoyable to read than news releases and newsletters. It is important that your blog makes the reader curious and that you deliver your message in a positive way. But why is this so essential? In this blog, we’ll tell you why!

The blog in itself

Business texts usually don’t read very well. In any case, they are often uninspiring. That’s why thought-provoking blogs are personal and written in colloquial language. A blog reads pleasantly, you do not lose the reader’s attention and there is a chance that the reader will become interested in your product or service. You can use a blog for several purposes. You can let people know what projects you are working on or when you have achieved successes. You can also give visitors free tips or inform them about the latest news. You can do anything with a blog. But what you can achieve above all, is that you keep drawing attention to your company.

Intention of a blog

So you can think of a blog as a fun way to deliver your (important) news. It is important to excite the reader, so to speak. This can be done in several ways:

1. Focus on a main topic

2. End paragraphs with a question

3. In the next paragraph, answer the question

How do you make your blog interesting?

To ensure that your blog does not consist of just text, you can choose to include images, videos, graphs, and information tables in your blog. Adding these attributes to your blog allows the reader to stop reading in between to look at the image, video, graph or information table. This provides clarification of the text you just read and a natural transition to the next piece of text. It is also important that there is a call-to-action in the blog. This means that you urge the reader to take another action after reading the blog. Examples include downloading a file or filling out a (short) questionnaire.

Using blog for better communication

By sharing information and being able to quickly communicate what is happening within your company, your business becomes more transparent and human. Because you are expressing a personal sound with a blog, it helps develop or maintain the relationship with your customer. Once you build and expand this relationship with your client, you can also establish a business relationship. So this ensures that your business can grow and expand and therefore provide even better quality in the future.

Tips for a good blog

Finally, some helpful tips for the perfect blog:

1. Write the blog like you talk.

2. Don’t use the same word over and over again.

3. Avoid language errors in your blog. You have several sites that can help you with this. For example, LanguageTool.

5. Start your blog with a clear introduction.

4. Make sure your blog has a catchy title.

6. Close your blog properly.

So a good blog can get you something. There is a chance that through a blog you will get new customers who become interested in your business. You can also deliver news, post updates or announce things in a fun and informative way. Above all, make sure you make the reader curious at the beginning of your blog. That way, you can be sure that the reader will also read your blog all the way through and also return to read your blogs more often.

Help from Ictoria in creating blogs.

Writing a blog can be time-consuming. Could you use some help with this? The team at Ictoria can help! Curious about the possibilities? Make an appointment right away!

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