Online marketing; are you going to do it yourself or outsource anyway?

Online marketing; are you going to do it yourself or outsource anyway?

Online marketing is nowadays more of a ‘must‘ than a ‘have’. Without doing something about the online findability of your website, you will soon lag behind your competition. Therefore it is important to think carefully about how you want to use it. Here you also have to consider whether you want to do this yourself or whether you want to outsource your online marketing activities. In this blog we list everything for you, so you can decide whether you’re going to start online marketing yourself or whether you’re going to outsource it.

Online marketing uitbesteden? Ictoria natuurlijk!

Do your own online marketing

You may choose to start your own online marketing. In doing so, you do need to weigh up certain things such as:

  • Time and expertise for online marketing
  • The budget you have available
  • Insight in your target group

Time and expertise for online marketing

When you want to do your own online marketing, you do need the time for it. You can work as hard as you want, but the more you work the better your online findability will be.

Online marketing uitbesteden? Ictoria natuurlijk!

Do you have a lot of time for activities such as SEO and SEA and do you like to figure it all out? Then you can choose to start with online marketing yourself. However, it is important that you have the expertise.

In addition to the time you spend on the work, you also need expertise. There are a lot of activities in digital marketing that you can learn by investing a lot of time, but you can’t learn everything at once. Therefore, it is important that you have the necessary expertise. A common mistake is that many ZZP’ers underestimate the profession. They think that they will master it quickly, but unfortunately this is often not the case and they get stuck. So if you want to improve your online findability, it is useful that you already understand the basics of SEO and SEA. For example, it is good to know how much difference your Google position on a keyword makes to your click-through rate (CTR).

The budget you have available

You would think that when you improve your online findability, it does not cost money. This can indeed be true. With a lot of time and expertise you can get quite far. Only when you want to go a bit further with your online findability, you will quickly run into certain costs. Do you want your website to be mega-fast so that Google places you higher in the results, you will soon end up with paid plug-ins such as WP-Rocket. Or if you want to keep track of the positions of your website in the search results, you will quickly end up with paid programs such as SeRanking. For the basics you do not need a budget, but if you really want to boost your online findability you will also need money for certain tools and programmes.

Insight in your target group

Before you start with your online findability it is important that you have enough data. This ensures that you know what your target group is and how you should reach them. You can do this by linking Google Analytics and Google Search Console to your website. This will give you insight into what kind of users your website has. If, for example, you see that you most of your users are around 50 years of age, you know that in the area of social media you have to focus on Facebook.

Outsource online marketing

Besides doing your online marketing yourself, you can also choose to outsource it. Just like when you do the tasks yourself, you also have to take into account certain things when you outsource:

  • How seriously you want to take your findability
  • The budget for your online marketing
  • Choosing the right partner

How serious you are about your findability 

When you choose to outsource your online marketing, usually it is taken very seriously and professionally. Do you take your online findability very seriously and do you also want to spend a lot of time on it, then it is convenient to outsource this to professionals who have experience and know what they are doing. They know exactly what they are doing. In the end, professionals are expensive, but when you want to spend a lot of energy on online marketing, amateurs are even more expensive.

The budget for your online marketing

The average spending of companies on online marketing has been increasing in recent years. Partly due to the corona virus, it has become increasingly important to have a good online findability. Do you nevertheless want to spend little or no money on your online marketing activities? Then it is wiser to do this yourself. This usually means that it will cost you time and time costs money. The time you spend on online marketing (while you don’t know much about it) can often be better spent on other things you do know about.

If you really want to invest in online marketing and the findability of your website, it is also important that you have enough budget. On the other hand, with a very small budget you can often do something with your online visibility. SEO, social media and SEA are not a matter of a one-time implementation, but a process that you need to maintain, analyse and optimise. By constantly looking at how you can get the most clicks and followers and then implementing this, you work on a better findability of your website or social media.

Choosing the right partner 

Ultimately, you pay a marketing agency for the hours that they put in and the expertise that they have. That is why it is always good to see how efficient a partner works. Within online marketing, everything can be clarified. From the number of visitors to the increase in keyword positions; everything can be seen in figures. The advantage of this is that you can monitor everything. That is why you should always take a look after a while at what the work has done with the results and compare it with other agencies if necessary. Also look at how long they spent on each activity. In this way, you can ultimately decide whether you have chosen the right partner.

In addition to the results, it is important that you choose a partner who communicates well, has insight into everything and is flexible. By combining these requirements, you can choose the ideal partner for your online marketing.

So, outsource your online marketing or do it yourself?

So what is the final conclusion? Should you do your online marketing yourself or outsource it? The answer is very simple. If you have a lot of time on your hands and a limited budget, choose to learn the basics of online marketing yourself. If you really want to do something with your online visibility, you will soon end up outsourcing your online marketing activities. It is important that you choose the right partner for these activities. 

If, after reading this blog, you are convinced it is best to outsource your online marketing, you can contact us. At Ictoria we help you with everything related to your online activities. From social media or a marketing/communication plan to SEO and SEA for your website! Don’t have much of a budget yourself? That is not a problem! We offer a suitable solution for every customer. Curious about the possibilities?
Contact us now or request a quote so we can help you set up your online marketing! 

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