Ictoria, very special (Topic Regiomagazine)

Topic Regiomagazine – In his search for special topics, Remi van Boxtel encounters many special people. 

Nadia van den Heuvel Topic

People with special hobbies, passions, work, but also individual people who are themselves special. That’s how I met Nadia van den Heuvel, a special lady; and the first things that made me curious were her enthusiasm and cheerfulness. In the conversation I had with her, it turned out that, aside from enthusiastic, Nadia could certainly be called special as well. She runs her own business in Boxmeer. 

Nadia, born and raised in Schijndel, has a physical disability: she has congenital spastic tetraplegia. That means she has trouble walking, and often moves around in a wheelchair. From childhood onwards, Nadia knew very well what she’d like to achieve: leading a normal life, pursuing a career, and mean something for others. Not packing boxes of chewing gum (with all due respect), nor being dependent on the municipality. On the contrary, she wanted to show that people with an impairment can function well in everyday society too. And she succeeded. Through her education and several jobs, she worked her way up to a senior position at the Public Prosecution Service. But Nadia wanted to do more, really being there for fellow humans; last year, she set up her own company: Ictoria.” 

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