Ictoria presents new corporate video (Maasvallei Netwerk)

Maasvallei Netwerk – Ictoria.nl proudly presents its new corporate video. 

During the Entrepreneur Duo Night, Nadia van den Heuvel and Herbert van den Heuvel‘s company Ictoria won funds for creating a corporate video for Gools business coach Marjon Cremers. 

Branded video content specialist Henk van IJzendoorn of Rewind Productions made a beautiful, powerful and inspiring video featuring short interviews with Ictorians: Koen, Janne, and Yirka. Also visible in the video are Kim, Tessa, Frank, René and Susan, working in the background. 

Would you like our help?

Are you a professional who would like to make use of Ictoria’s professionalism? Please get in touch with us via [email protected] or 085 – 876 9214.

The original article can be found on the website of Maasvallei Netwerk. 

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