Ictoria – IGNITE Award 2021  

Digital designs by talented people.

Ictoria is a digital creative company which increases the self-reliance of its employees and decreases their labour market disadvantage.  Frank - Ictoria Boxmeer

Ictoria works with a colourful team where everyone with multimedia and online visibility skills is welcome. Founders Nadia and Herbert van den Heuvel emphasise that at this workplace, challenges are not obstacles, but a career jumpstart from where employees learn to work together ever more flexibly. Because in a workplace where everyone is special, everyone is equal. And that’s how it should be outside Ictoria’s doors as well. Due to the diversity within the team and mutual understanding, a safe atmosphere emerges which allows co-workers to excel much more easily. 

Kim - Ictoria Boxmeer

Employee Kim: “I‘ve got osteoarthritis and PTSD. At my old job, I was overburdened. I often found that my limitations were not taken seriously. Here, everyone has got ‘something’, and I am a full part of the team. When I first came here, I was very depressed and thought: I’ll probably have to find a new place pretty soon. But a world opened up for me, I feel included and useful to society again. For the first time, I love going to work.” 

Whether you’re looking for a print design, a well-run website or a professional video, Ictoria’s team is at your service.  

In the upcoming period, Ictoria will explore how to expand its assignment portfolio as the various members of the team continue to specialise in their fields. 

Janne - Ictoria Boxmeer

Click the link for the entire article of the Ignite Awards. 


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