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Nadia van den Heuvel – Ictoria 

Nadia van den Heuvel - Ondernemer Ictoria

Ictoria works with energetic and enthusiastic employees who are not limited by their physical or mental challenges. They’ve got an enormous drive as people and professionals to strive for maximum results. The team is happy to commit to creating a website, a beautiful social media corporate identity or a great brochure. Ictoria’s infinite ambition is therefore a quality life for its employees. This allows them to generate their own income, reduce social costs, and participate in an inclusive society; now and in the future.


Ictoria has a number of positioning dilemmas. The question, “How do you position yourself in relation to the world?” is front and centre in this issue. Through the Dilemma Learning Course, Nadia hopes to find an answer to this. Nadia would like to use the results of the learning course to increase Ictoria’s impact, and improve the quality of life for lots of people.



Read the full article: https://www.publicatiessamenwerking.nl/leergangdilemma/de-ondernemers-in-beeld-14/ 

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