How to create a good ad for Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be a very good step if you want to boost your business and/or product. Facebook has a lot of users and with a promotion on Facebook you reach a large target group. Myrthe Huisman gives you some tips on how to create a good Facebook advert.

Determine the objective of your ad 

An important part of creating a Facebook advert is thinking about what you want to achieve with it. Do you want more people to visit the website? Are you aiming for more brand awareness? Or should more people like the Facebook page? 

You can choose from various objectives on Facebook. Per campaign, you choose a separate objective and you can also combine these. 

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Create the advertisement

Once you have determined the objective, the next step is to determine exactly what you want to communicate. It is important to ensure that what you want to say is a good match for the objective. The two things should reinforce each other. 

There are a number of things you need to take into account while composing the ad to make sure it will not be rejected by Facebook. Our colleague Koen Strik has already made a short video about this. 

The image you use may not consist of more than 20% text, it is prohibited to oppress a certain target group and sexual harassment is also prohibited. Those last two sound logical, but it can happen that Facebook’s algorithm points this out to you. Koen Strik had this to say about it: “Has your ad been wrongly rejected? Then you can request a review at Facebook. Then the ad is not reviewed by the automatic algorithm, but by the people of Facebook themselves. They will then assess whether the ad was rightly rejected. 


An advert on Facebook often consists of an image and text. It is important to choose the right image, as this is what stands out the most when you are scrolling. A good tip is to use multiple images so facebook can test the ad to see which one works best. 

Besides the visual part of the ad, you also have the text that accompanies it. A good text is extremely important. Unfortunately, there is no formula that works by default. It is recommended to experiment with different versions. Think of a different title, a different introduction, a short text or a long text, etc. This way you don’t put all your trust in one advertisement. 

What is the target group you want to reach? 

The goal of an advertisement is, of course, to reach the right target group. Facebook has millions of users, so it is important to reach the right group of people. There are many possibilities to make the target group as specific as possible. When identifying your target group, you can ask yourself the following questions: does the target group consist of men or women? Or both? What age are the people? Where is the target group located? What language is spoken? 

When you have found the answers to these questions, you can adjust your ads accordingly and make sure that the ads score well. 

Facebook works with four different targeting categories to make sure ads reach the right target group. It is possible to target specifically on a location, namely on country, province, place name and postal code. You can also exclude areas. This is useful because then the ad is not shown unnecessarily in places where it is not needed. You can also indicate if you want to include everyone in the indicated area or for example only the people who live there. Other categories that you can explicitly specify are demography, interests and behaviour. 

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Getting started

Now you know how to define the objective, how to create a good advertisement and how to determine the right target group. If you use the tips in this blog, creating a Facebook advert becomes a lot easier. 

Do you still have questions about advertising on Facebook after reading this blog? Contact our marketing team and we will be happy to help you. 

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