‘I'm now in a place where I can fully flourish’ (UWV Magazine) 

UWV Magazine – ‘One of the misconceptions of the century is that labour-disabled people are frequently ill,’ states Nadia van den Heuvel, owner of design company Ictoria. Partly due to this perception, people with impairments are unfairly denied opportunities in the labour market. To adjust that image, Nadia started her own business where people with impairments can develop themselves, and move on to other companies. 

UWV Magazine spoke to Frank Teklenburg and Kim de Rooij about their work at Ictoria.  

UWV bezoekt Ictoria met Frank, Nadia en Frank

Frank Teklenburg (43) is in a wheelchair due to oxygen deprivation at birth. That doesn’t withhold him from pursuing a career in communications. But finding a company where he could show what he has to offer proved not so easy. Until he got in touch with Ictoria. 

Kim de Rooij (51) is a mother of three children. Due to osteoarthritis and post-traumatic stress disorder, Kim has been unable to work for several periods of time. At Ictoria, she has finally found a place where she gets the space to be herself. 

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