How can potential customers find your business in Google?

One of the most important things for a business to be highly visible on the internet is proper SEO. The higher you rank in search results, the more potential customers you attract. Would you like to know more about what exactly SEO is and how the web design team at Ictoria could help you with this? And what are the possibilities at Ictoria? You can read it in this blog!   

What is SEO?  
Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and refers to improving the organic results of your website. So, what does that mean exactly? Within their search results, Google distinguishes between paid and organic results.    

The paid results are the websites that appear at the top of the search page when you search for something on Google, the organic results follow below. The latter are important to be easily found by your target audience.     

As an example: someone searches on ‘have a website built’. If these are your potential customers, you’ll want to be as visible as possible in Google.

The rules of Google  
There are many rules set by Google that can ensure that your business ranks as high as possible in search results.    

In order to obtain a high search-result rank, it is very important to ensure that your website is not slow and that the content on the webpage is relevant to potential customers’ keywords. Are these two things not in place? Then you will end up low in the search results. 

The essence of good SEO techniques 
Want to rank as high as possible in search results? Then you need to invest time and energy in using the right SEO techniques. This will make your website stand out among all those Google results and give you an online edge over the competition. And that is not unimportant in these days when most things are done digitally.  

What can our web designers do for you?
We understand that after reading this blog, you might not be sure where to start. Fortunately, we can help you! At Ictoria, we offer two SEO options:   

 SEO Starter Pack  

With the starter pack, our web designers make sure your website has the best basic settings. This provides the perfect foundation for SEO and is the first step in online marketing. We discuss the current state of the website and where you’d like it to go. After our team has ensured that the basic SEO of the website is set up properly, the results are monitored. All these results are compiled into a report, in which we provide you with recommendations for the next step in SEO.    

Monthly SEO  

Do you think you need a little more support with the SEO and would like monthly help from Ictoria’s web designers? Then you’ll want to opt for monthly SEO. Team web design will continue to monitor the results after you have purchased this option, and this will give you a clear insight into the possibilities for even better SEO. Do you really want to make headway? Then this is definitely the best option.    

Every month, you’ll be able to see what our team has done and what the results are. Not satisfied? No worries, our monthly SEO is terminable on a monthly basis.

Why Ictoria 
Having read this blog, are you curious about what Ictoria can do for your SEO? Then contact us or request a quote 

Will you choose Ictoria? Great! Then together we can make even more positive impact on the world! What are you waiting for? Contact us here! 


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