This woman helps talented people with a disability to pursue a career like her

Nadia op kantoor in de GelderlanderDe Gelderlander In life, you only need one person who believes in you in order to make a difference for you.’ From personal experience, Nadia van den Heuvel, through her company Ictoria, offers an apprenticeship to IT talents with a handicap who did not come into their own elsewhere. 

There is a red timeline connecting an eight-year-old girl from Schijndel in 1989 to the new company Ictoria from Boxmeer in 2019. That girl is now talent pioneer Nadia van den Heuvel (38). Today, her office officially goes into business. Van den Heuvel scouts talents in the domain of IT who because of a disability haven’t (yet) found the right (work)place.

Click the link for the full article of De Gelderlander.

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