As the owner of a website or webshop, you want it to be accessible to all your visitors 24/7. In addition, web hosting is convenientTo make this possible, Ictoria offers you web hosting. Below, we explain more about webhosting. 

Webhosting Ictoria

What is webhosting?

If you want to make a website or webshop, you need web hosting. It is housing your site on an external computer (server) that is always connected to the Internet and is always on. In this way, your website is accessible to literally everyone. But that is not always what you want. Websites are still being hacked every day. Of course you don’t want your website to be hacked. That is why the safety and security of your server is very important. This ensures that your website cannot be hacked.

Professional e-mail address with webhosting

In addition to all the advantages with regard to the safety and security of your website, there are other advantages to web hosting. One of them is that you can create a professional mail address. Normally, someone without a professional mail address has an address that ends in @gmail.com, @home.nl or other mail companies. By purchasing web hosting you are immediately eligible for a professional mail address with your domain name. This means that instead of [email protected] you can create a mail address like [email protected]. This will come across as much more professional to your potential customers, which can create more confidence. 

Once you have a professional e-mail address, you want it to be hack-proof, just like your website. For this reason, a virus-free environment for your e-mail addresses is also very important. This is also included in web hosting but it is important that your web hosting works perfectly. 


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