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Would you like to keep your current customers actively informed about the developments of your company? This is possible by sending a custom made newsletter. It is a classic way to reach your customers, but it is certainly very effective. 80% of companies have an e-mail marketing strategy. If you don’t use this very effective means of advertising, you are automatically at a disadvantage to your competition.

E-mail marketing? Ictoria natuurlijk!

Why email marketing?

59% of consumers say that emails influence their decisions to buy a product or service. For that reason alone, it is interesting to look at the possibilities of e-mail marketing. This service can be used for various purposes. You can use it to win back lost customers or to inform current customers about your new products or services.

The main reason why it is wise to start with e-mail marketing is that it is effective and cheap. You can easily reach your (potential) customers and build a relationship with them. Using effective texts and fun content for your target group, you can even boost your sales with it. In addition, e-mail marketing has three other advantages:

You have control over who receives your e-mails and what they look like. This is not the case with many other means of communication, where you do not determine who gets to see your content.

In addition to deciding who gets the emails, you build la loyal client base. When people subscribe to your newsletter, they trust you and are interested in your company.

When you regularly send an e-mail to your mailinglist, you stay in touch with your (potential) customers. If you do this well, these people can also look at your company in an increasingly positive light.

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Email marketing at Ictoria

Do you want to start with e-mail marketing? Or do you want to take it to the next level? At Ictoria, we can write and optimise your newsletter. Our content managers ensure that your customers are reached in the best possible way and that the strategy is executed in the best possible way.

Together with you, we look at the goals of your e-mail marketing and how we can achieve them. During your email campaign, we constantly check which parts are working and which are not. In addition, we add our experience and expertise to ensure the most efficient email marketing for your company.

Are you interested in our possibilities? Then contact us now or request a quote.

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