Laarbeekse Boeren


About the impact maker 

The Laarbeeks Farmers, growers and gardeners work with an eye and heart for nature. The Laarbeek Farmers like to show how they do this. But not only that! You will also find other things to do in this beautiful rural area, where you can stay overnight and where you can buy the tastiest regional products.   

What dit we do for the impact maker? 

The Laarbeek Farmers enlisted our help for several things. Team Ictoria did the following things:   

  • Creating the website incl. Forum.   
  • Designing banners.   
  • Making signs with a QR code.   

The signs with the QR code will be placed on various benches, forming a nice route along several sustainable products. An intellectual treasure hunt through the beautiful outskirts of Laarbeek! 

Name impact maker
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