Are you looking for a website within your organisation that only your employees can access? No problem! In addition to original websites, Ictoria can also create intranets for you. 

Intranet? Ictoria natuurlijk!

What is an intranet?

Good communication with your employees is one of the most important aspects of a well-functioning company. An intranet can be a solution for this. An intranet is a central point on the internet especially for your employees. Through an intranet they get access to all the information you want to make available. This can be about certain news items within your organisation or about handy links your employees can use.

Why an intranet?

An intranet has many advantages. The most important is that it improves internal communication. Employees have more opportunities to communicate, which can prevent many ambiguities. In addition, an intranet has other advantages, such as:

When your company has an intranet for your employees, they can find information quickly, which can save a lot of emails and unnecessary questions.

If your company has several locations, an intranet can serve as a central point where all kinds of information and news can be found. This way, employees from location A also know what is happening at location B.

Let your employees help each other by sharing information via the intranet, such as news, process information, but also by means of an online knowledge bank.

Intranet? Ictoria natuurlijk!

Have your intranet made by Ictoria

Are you interested in an intranet? We can help you with that. Below are a number of good reasons why you should choose us. 

When you let us create an intranet, you know for sure that this intranet is technically very safe and that it can hardly be hacked. Especially when you have important information on this website, you want to be sure that it cannot be changed by others.

Besides a technically safe website, Ictoria is also the right place for a personalized design. We take a good look at your wishes and what your website should look like and apply this immediately.

We perform weekly updates for you so that the functionality and security of your intranet remain guaranteed.

Are you interested in having your intranet made by Ictoria? Then contact us now or request a quote!

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