In addition to intranets, Ictoria can also create extranets. There is a slight difference between an intranet and an extranet. 

Extranet? Ictoria natuurlijk!

What is extranet?

Extranet is a central point on the Internet where information can be found for your employees and for people that have to deal with your company. The difference with an intranet is that you make this website also accessible for people outside the company. This does not mean that the website is meant for everyone, but for external parties, customers or suppliers.

Why an extranet?

There are many advantages to an extranet. The most important one is that you strengthen the bond between your company and your customers, suppliers or other parties. You improve the communication between these parties and you can work more efficiently. There are also some other advantages of an extranet:

By having an extranet made, you can improve the cooperation between your company and other parties. Because you can communicate and work together on a website, you can strengthen the bond between them.

With an extranet, you can create more feedback. It allows you to get in touch with important partners and ultimately improve your services.

With an extranet, you can ensure more involvement. Through your extranet, you can offer your partners all the information you want.

Internet? Ictoria natuurlijk!

Extranet by Ictoria

Having an extranet made offers many advantages, but what are the advantages of having an extranet made by Ictoria? The advantages are listed below:

You want your extranet to be visited only by your employees and partners. There is a big chance that there is information on this website that is not necessarily intended for other users. That is why we at Ictoria ensure that your website is always technically well secured.

When your partners visit your extranet, this website must have a good look and feel. At Ictoria, we listen to your ideas and we look for the best design for your company.

Every week, we perform updates to your website in order to optimise the security and functionality of your extranet. 

Would you like to have an extranet made by Ictoria? Then contact us now or request a quote!

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