Designbureau Ictoria neemt vooroordelen over arbeidsbeperkten weg (UWV Magazine)

UWV Magazine – ‘But you had such a great CV,’ the recruiter blurted out after seeing that Nadia van den Heuvel was in a wheelchair. ‘I was approached by a recruiter at a time when I was looking for another job. I had worked in the public prosecutor’s office for three years, and before that for 12 years in the judiciary. I was ready for something different, so I accepted the recruiter’s invitation.’ 


UWV Magazine over Nadia van den Heuvel over Ictoria

Unfortunately, the recruiter’s reaction was not uncommon, as Nadia can testify from her personal experience. At the very same employment agency, she met a man who sat crying in the corridor. He was visually impaired and just couldn’t get a chance at a good job. Nadia offered to take a look at his CV. ‘I instantly saw: this is a good one. He was an IT specialist (full stack developer), and I connected him with one of my contacts on the spot. He got a trial placement there via UWV, and after two months a permanent contract.’ 

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